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January 24th 2014 9:52 am

How would you change Vizio’s 24-inch All-in-One?

Vizio! Out of nowhere, the budget TV maker emerged with a laptop and desktop combination that earned plenty of sideways glances and praise. When we pulled the company’s 24-inch desktop into our labs, we found that form had taken too much precedence over function. Yes, it looks gorgeous, but we couldn’t say the same about the flaky trackpad and painful keyboard. For $800, it was certainly cheap enough that you could splash out on a replacement keyboard and mouse, but was that too much for your blood? Share your thoughts on our forum thread and let’s give Vizio’s designers something to think about.

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I'd have to input on the other competitors they are up against. Samsung does make nice tvs, but not laptops. How would you approach a stance at that? Making something flashy like an Apple, or something as powerful as what Asus offers at their prices? I wouldn't buy one because one, laptops are a little more suited for my College lifestyle. I've never grasphed the point of a touch laptop and am in no way of getting one or a desktop. Or pads. I do own a Visio tv and, it's been through hell and back and that's how it should be. I stand behind Vizio on tvs. They're dependable, and more than I could ever ask for in a tv. I don't see a marketable concept, except maybe adding a faster GPU or chip to an already fast tv, making it "lag free"(maybe the first quad-core tv?). Big big annoyance coming from an older LCD owner. Or maybe installing a remote find button in the tv to find the remote.
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