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May 2nd 2014 10:30 pm

MS Surface 3?

I am considering a Surface to replace my Chromebook and Pavilion 13. Problem is, I need x86, and I am not willing to pay >$400. If only MS made a Surface with x86 under $800. If they did that they might bring back customers moving to Android, ChromeOS, and Macbooks

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History would suggest that the next big Surface refresh is due in the fall, so you'll likely have to wait until then. Wouldn't count on the future Surface Pro costing under $800, but I can't help but wonder if Microsoft will do an x86-based Surface 3 given how little traction ARM has had so far. No guarantees, though -- the company may also feel a need to defend Windows on ARM. And it might cost $450, too.

I could only really see a brand-new, sub-$400 Surface if there was a "Surface Mini," and there's no concrete evidence of that yet.
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As a surface owner, I urge you to try one out before replacing your two laptops with it. As nice as a device it is, you may miss a proper keyboard and trackpad with it- that is something you will notice every time you use it.
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I have and very much enjoyed it. I just need x86 for under $800.
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Fair enough. If a Surface 3 Pro comes out, they will probably clear out the Surface 2 Pro.

I got my Surface Pro for $287 on clearance well after the Surface Pro 2 came out. So x86 is achievable for cheap if you are willing to get year old tech
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Thank you
There still is no way to get Java on the RT? All I needed was Java so I could use Eclipse
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