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November 18th 2013 7:04 pm

Next Generation, all it's cracked up to be ?

I've been a long time console gamer,.. Skipped the PS1 & PS2. Had a mega drive, game cube, xbox, xbox 360 and a PS3.

Pre-ordered an xbox one (due to most of my buddies being Xbots) planning on picking up a PS4 in the new year..

The big question I have from what I have seen is "what's all the fuss about" sure BF4, COD, FORZA, KILLZONE all look nice but it's all been done before..

Where is the the next generation of IP ?

Destiny looks promising, Titan fall looks interesting but nothing blows me away..

What am I missing ? Or am I expecting to much ?

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I think it will take awhile. It took awhile for developers to start taking advantage of the PS3 and Xbox 360 as well. (Though I distinctly remember being kind of impressed with Madden -- but those older titles look like a joke now.)

One thing that I am looking forward to will be the fact they there's going to be more processing power and system memory to do better things. In theory, this means things like better AI, more unique characters on screen (e.g., Dead Rising 3), more immersive environments. The next-gen versions of Battlefield 4 finally support 64 players in a game (something us PC users have been able to do for a long time)!

It'll take awhile for developers to start unlocking the full potential, but I can't wait to see what eventually happens!
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I'm with Dave on this. There is nothing too impressive right now, so you are not really missing much. The hope is that the important titles will appear later on.
If current consoles are like the last generation, we are talking a 10 year life cycle. This means important games are probably just now being developed and may be announced for Christmas 2014 (we'll see at E3).
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I agree, although I wonder if companies might wait a little while before investing heavily in new IP until the consoles mature a bit.
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I agree with you, however my concern is that a AAA game is 2 years in making and I don't see that wow game on the horizon for either machine...

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Unlike the Xbox 360 and PS3, I think this generation of consoles was all about launching with "living room" features over game features. You can see it all over the E3 press events and the debuts of the consoles.

Right now the Xbox 360 and PS3 are still cranking out pretty impressive, but slower, gaming performance for consoles that are almost 7 years old. Probably over the next 2-3 years you'll see the switch flip on the current gen consoles.
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Although I haven't seen much of it myself, some of the reviews I've read regarding the PS4 seem to be contrary to this. At launch it doesn't even play the same amount of media that the PS3 does and it seems to stress games more than media content.
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I agree there but remember how heavy Sony was pushing video streaming of games. That's a pretty huge thing.
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I think people need to get off the console wars ASAP. Technology as you know it from this website, (Engadget) moves way to fast. I'm honestly very surprised that these consoles where created. The only direction consoles can go, is to become a PC. How many of you agree? I think this is where people are going to run into an issue because Valve's Steam is gonna own the market in the next few years. We see that Valve has created a system of their own called the Steam Box. However, Valve is about the games and the gamers, we've seen this for a long time and I can honestly say I trust them when it comes to games and a good product. They are even giving out the CAD files for those to create and develop their own Steam Box. The Steam Box also is an entire computer that's small and cheap that can be upgraded. I think in the future people will have enough education to know how to slap in a new GPU (graphics card) Or the PC industry will have to adapt to dumb consumers, KISS (keep it Simple Stupid) just like apple they need to make it so anyone can do it. Need new graphics card just slide this in here and your good to go. This would truly change the gaming industry.

All PC things aside I don't just play games on PC, I did grow up on consoles as well, I've owned them all starting with my first Nintendo system as a kid. However gaming was about gaming. It was not about a media center, the center of attention. With that being said I don't know any gamers out their who are waiting to stream TV though their Xbox Ones? for me personally, If I'm gonna game, I'm gonna game, not worry about switching between apps and TV. I just don't get it. I have a thing called In-put on my remote that lets me change from the xbox to the tv with no lag or interruption. I just don't get where this is going for Xbox. I've also grown out the the Halo phase, I love halo but I think its becoming a bit to much... Not to just rag on Microsoft but I'm personally not interested in paying a fee anymore to watch Netflix or game with my friends. PC gaming has always been free I don't understand why Live is not free. Yes, Yes I know lots of people out their will say well that money goes to updates and servers....blahhh most of that money is profit for the long part. The other thing I don't understand about Microsoft is non of their games are really that exclusive... meaning most of the titles come out on PC which I buy on Steam and I get to play those for free with people. I did this time around go with a PS4 for two reasons, first its $100 off the set price of xbox one and i know in a few months Xbox One will drop in price a $100 and early adapters will get like a $100 Microsoft bucks or something like that. It always happens, its history repeating itself again, again, again. The other reason I got a PS4 is because of the free online. I'm a big PC gamer but there are a few games that don't make it to the PC that I do like that Sony holds exclusives to, and I want to play those for free and walk away when I want with no service charge.

I guess its all opinions, the main point is to game and keep gaming going and to have new games. If you want to get an Xbox PS4 PC I'm happy for you. Just don't be a dick to people you play with online and help grow the gaming community.

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Few things about your post. First of all, if I can get a game console that can double as a streaming device like Apple TV or Chromecast... that means I won't have to buy that 2nd product. Yes you might say that the PS4 and/or Xbox doesn't have the functionality of an Apple TV or Chromecast or Roku yet, but if it gets to that point it means that I don't have to buy that second device since my game console is ALWAYS hooked up the to TV.

In regards to your comment regarding everything ultimately becoming a PC, well the thing is that most console gamers I know have SHITTY cheap computers. The Computers that cannot run games properly. You may say, "Hey go make yourself a kick ass desktop that can play any modern game at ultra settings for cheap" but guess what? You can't hook up 2 controllers and play multiplayer on it. If you want a gaming laptop, those things are expensive for amazing graphics and you can't move that desktop to your friends house to play with you friends house at a sleepover party. Yes, the ultimate PC kicks all consoles, but the point of the console is to bring one set of hardware for developers to push to the max, not make sure that their game is playable on all computers and thus may not push as hard to make the game look amazing because they will lose some audience due to the fact that most people's computers cannot even launch the game. With PCs you have to check "Oh does my computer meet the minimum specs? And even if it does meet minimum will I only be able to play lowest settings and so the game looks decades old even though its a cutting edge game?" Consoles take all of that thinking away from the user and makes the experience easier.

I know I am rambling, but these are all factors for why consoles will always be relevant. And just so you know, PS4 does not have free online play anymore. You have to have the PSN to play online. Sorry to break your bubble.
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I think Apple is getting close to doing a game console because the AppleTV currently supports AirPlay for some games, however I feel it's incredibly held back by it's limited app availability. This isn't just with games, but even media options. I picked one up recently to use with indoor training and I was kind of shocked to see just how few media options were available on it.

That out of the way, IF Apple can pull of some kind of "console" I think it'd be kind of cool. The issue is using a touch device for a controller.
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Interesting view. I have an apple tv which I won't use when I get my xbox one (the only reason I use it now is my 360 is so loud I have to have the surround pumped up)..

Now what I would like to see if more effort in collaboration with other systems.. for example I have a lot of Sonos kit (Playbar, 2 play 3's, 1 Sub (living room) 3 play 1's dotted around the house. I haven't purchased a CD in years as I stream (legally) all of my music. I currently use spottily as it works well with the Sonos system.. Xbox music pass isn't supported by Sonos, Sony's version isn't supported..

I know these are companies that are all about making the $$ for the shareholders but with some joined up thinking they could really drive integration..

My you view box (BT supplied TV box) has loads of integration with catch up TV, BT on demand, IPTV streams.. its better than Apple TV in the UK because BT have joined the dots (I'll likely get flamed for this post) but for me BT works.. They supply my fibre internet, phone, TV for a good price. as part of that package all the catch up TV and IPTV comes with it... I don't need a DVR any more..
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"The only direction consoles can go, is to become a PC. How many of you agree?"

I feel this is something that has been getting said since the previous generation and the thing is it's just not happening. Most people I know who play video games find comfort in spending $300-400 once and having a system to play games on for the next 5/6/7 years. I realize that you can build a pretty sweet gaming PC for $500-700 and be good but the reality is at some point you will need to put in a new video card.
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Great post... I agree that the steam machine could be the future, upgradable components. That are fool proof to install. I can see graphics cards / CPUs being plug and play type cartridges before long... You won't even need a screwdriver...

I work in the food industry (manufacturing) and have done for 20 years. The "lean" effect in my industry is everywhere, 15 years ago to set up an oven burner of one product would take a trained engineer an hour, now an unskilled (but highly motivated) machine minder just swaps out a control module in 15 seconds..
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When a console initially launches, it's titles don't usually come close to taking full advantage of the platform's processing and graphical power. It's not until a few years or so after an initial console launch that programmers figure out new and more efficient ways to squeeze the most out of every clock cycle. Look at GTA4 for the xbox 360 compared to GTA5.... or.. going further back... Look at super mario world for SNES compared to Donkey Kong Country. Or even further back.. Look at the original Super Mario Bros on NES compared to Super Mario Bros 3. So expect some titles to be 'less-than-jaw-dropping' initially. More will soon follow.
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I think Joystiqs livestream of PS3 launch titles (last week) and the Xbox 360 version tonight (1pm eastern, 6pm gmt) is a good indicator of how much can change during a systems lifetime? One could argue based on prior examples that its not worth bothering on day one, week one or anytime during the 'launch window' (except for the N64 ofcourse) but there's something to be said for the excitement of being there at the beginning.
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I was watching a youtube video from a PC gaming channel who was excited for the new consoles because they wouldn't hold back PC games as much anymore. From this perspective, I think the new consoles have great potential that hasn't really been utilized yet. A few games (Destiny, Battlefield 4, etc) are foreshadowing where these consoles could go in the next few years. I'm sure of it.
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After reading your post I took a real good look at the bf4 reviews or pre-views. That does look really good and I like the fact the if you lean you look around corners.. Never been a huge bf fan but might have to get this... Depending on the Ryse reviews....
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It will take time. First launch games are always rushed and almost always not taking advantage of the full potential of the device.
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In this case we've had the unique insight into how late developers can run development into. Looking at Assassins Creed 4 its interesting to see that the extra time from printing the discs to release day allowed them to optimize the game from up to full 1080p (from some number around 900). We also had the story that Microsoft was adjusting the clock rates fairly late into production.
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All generations had growing pains. This new era will be interesting that's for sure.
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