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April 21st 2014 5:16 am

Nintendo's Game Boy turns 25 today.

So I thought I'd see if anyone had any special memories about spending time with the unit.


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I got mine in November of 1994, and recall getting picked up to talk down to Argos on a truly black and wind-soaked night to go buy the unit with my own money. It came with Tetris and Super Mario World in a special bundle, and while I’d planned to devote all of my time to Mario, Tetris clearly was the drug of choice. After about a week, the family insisted that I play with headphones, since they were all sick to the back teeth of the A background music. I do recall that I hated spending the pounds on batteries, and so saved up my pocket money for an AC adapter after about six months, after which point I was never off the damn thing. I’ve still got it, of course, in mint condition, under my bed at my mum’s house. Should get it back and give it a play for old times' sake soon.
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I remember it was 1991, my Mom and I had a neighbor who was a flight attendant and always invited us over for snacks and conversation. One time, I saw the Game Boy on her coffee table and was instantly mesmerized. I let my Mom & her gab, while I played with it for a good hour and was sad to leave. Back then, we didn't have a lot of money, so buying one was out of the question. Each time we went over to her apartment, I got to play with it. A few months later when she was reassigned to another flight base, she decided to give the Game Boy to me. While mine is long gone, I always cherished that gift and the gesture.
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I remember the last day with my classic Game Boy. I was in 5th or 6th grade and my stepmom caught me playing Pokemon Blue instead of studying for my exam the next day. Next thing I knew it was flung at the wall, shattered display and stopped functioning. I was very sad that I had to neglect my Pokemon. It wasn't my next birthday that I could continue catching and training my Pokemon. My dad got me a Game Boy Color from Argos for my birthday and I was the happiest kid on earth.
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Mid-college knee surgery was going to have me out of commission for a few weeks at least, so my parents bought me one to keep me busy. Ah, good old grey-scale screens, how I do NOT miss them.

Still have it, in excellent condition too.
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It was a blistering afternooon in 1997. I was six years old and had just emerged victorious against the toughest tee ball team in Mayberry, NC. To celebrate, my dad took me to Walmart where I picked out a bright red Game Boy Pocket and Pokémon Blue version combo. I enjoyed the Game Boy, but I often preferred using a cartridge adapter and my Super Nintendo.

As for Pokémon, fast-forward to my senior year of high school (2010), and I was still hooked. A few friends and myself spent every study hall those two semesters playing Red and Blue on PC emulators. It was awesome.
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It was the Christmas after release - Woolworths were doing a grey carry-case that had a Gameboy, space for games, one of those illuminated magnifiers, and a space for batteries and a charger that didn't come with it.

I played Tetris on Christmas Day until I had a dent in my thumb. I slept, reluctantly, and then played it solidly the next day. By the end of it's useful life, I only had three games - Tetris, Mario and some Monster Truck game. I dug it out years later to see what the Pokemon fuss was all about but never really got engrossed. It lives on, painted in a giraffe colour scheme, at my mum's house. I bet there's still batteries in it, meaning it'll be ruined by now.
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i received a gameboy in November of 1990. I was in the hospital after emergency surgery and staying there for about a week afterward. my entire neighborhood pitched in to buy me a gameboy. one of my family friends came in a few days later with Dr. Mario. i was really touched.
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https:­/­/twitter.com­/bladed05­/status­/45830456875418... I still have mine and it still works. Picture included in tweet
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December of 1989, my Gampa had given me $50 for my birthday (on the 17th, turned 9 years old) and $50 for Christmas, that plus some other saved up birthday money went toward a Gameboy with Tetris, and Super Mario World and Alleyway. Having no siblings, that Gameboy helped me while away the hours of many car trips and I spent hundreds of hours over the years, and added many games to my library, which I think grew to 20-30 games, plus the external power pack, the magnifier/light and even a gameshark (I was never interested in the printer).
I still have that original Gameboy, still have all of my games, though I have my Gameboy SP to play them on now - saves on batteries, since I'm unsure of where the rechargeable battery pack has gone. :) But I'm still proud to have that first system of mine that I bought myself!
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Back when the Game Boy first came out, they had it on display at the local PX (that's "Post Exchange" to all you civilians). I use to go straight to the electronics section of the store every time I went. "One quick game of Tetris," I'd tell myself, "one quick game and I'll go look at the toys or read comics afterwards." One or two hours later of playing at level 9 and my mother would come find me and drag me away, longingly watching the blocks stack up...

The next year my parents brought my brother a Game Boy for his birthday, along with the rechargeable battery pack so we didn't have to worry about swapping AA batteries so often. My brother got pretty pissy at how little time he got with it, since we were at my grandmother's house in Puerto Rico for the summer and he had to share it with me, my mom, my cousin, my other cousin, and whoever else happened to be there. Just Tetris. Tetris all the god damn time.

Two summers later my parents bought Kirby's Dream Land for us, and I played it all the way through, which probably makes it the first game I'd ever played to completion. So I have a warm spot for that greenish display and for that little puff ball.
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I got my Game Boy in elementary school. It was a big night for some reason, so we went out for seafood with my grandparents at a restaurant I have never experienced the like of since they closed. The icing on the cake for me was opening the wrapping paper of my "Nth grade graduation" gift and being dumbfounded that I was now a Game Boy owner. It was short lived though as I had to fight my mom's Tetris addiction over the following summer months so I could actually have a chance to play. She managed to play even while walking across the field to my aunt and uncle's house, where she continued to play whil everyone else conversed.
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I got it the first Christmas it was out, along with Super Mario Land and that black hip pouch with the hot pink trim. We used to open presents on Christmas eve because my parents hated getting woken up before sunrise by excited kids. So I must have opened it around 9:00pm and, of course, wanted to start with Mario since I assumed it would be amazing. After about an hour, I thought I would try Tetris for just a few minutes before going to bed. I didn't expect to like it, but I was instantly hooked. The next thing I knew, I heard my parents getting up and looked at the window to realize the sun was out! I was afraid they would take it from me if they found out I stayed up all night, so I switched it off quick, set it on the coffee table, and dove to the couch to pretend I had slept there so they wouldn't know. I have always had a soft spot for portable consoles and Tetris since that night. :)
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I never had my own Game Boy. (Though I did own an Atari Lynx -- something Dan has given me flak for in the past.) Plenty of my friends did, though, and I remember playing Tecmo Bowl and Tetris for the first time. I also remember my friend showing me where the power button was... by turning off the handheld while I was playing. I swear, the placement of that power button was just an invitation to ruin friendships.
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I never did beat bomberman...
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I can remember driving to the nearby city to pick mine up in 1990. It came with a pinball game called "Revenge of the Gator" and "Tetris".
Played two player Tetris constantly with my brother (and my dad whilst on holidays). Revenge of the Gator was fun, but had to purchase Mario quite soon because I saw how good that was on my friends' Gameboys.
At school in French class, all my friends and I used to put our bags on our desks so we could hide our Gameboys behind them. It would always work really well until someone would forget to switch off the sound, and the teacher would notice the "ding" as the Gameboy switched on!
Had a lot of fun with that Gameboy. Threw it out reluctantly about 10 years ago, even though it hadn't worked for years before that.
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Now that I've grown up and am friends with a few teachers, they talk about things like that. They're not stupid, you know. They do know what's going on, but choose to ignore it.
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