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March 6th 2012 10:53 am

Planning on getting one? What will you use it for?

The Raspberry Pi is a low cost ($35) linux based computer. With enough developer support, this tiny machine can do wonders.

Personally, I wan't to get one to mount on the back of my tv, hook it up through HDMI to retrofit it as a more flexible "smart tv". Perhaps use XBMC (or raspmc)

Are you going to get one? Have any creative uses in mind for it?

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I want to try using it to teach my daughter Python, to run XBMC and as a small always-on machine in my office that I can connect to from home while my main PC is off. The office one could probably also double as a makeshift webcam security-system.
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I would like to get several to use as appliance/control devices. I have several multimedia applications in mind and also some general experimentation and "what if" things I'd like to explore with them.
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Using them as control devices seems like a pretty cool idea :)
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mpd server, music streamer, music central storage
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So you will hook up a drive with USB for the storage? Or use some kind of NAS?
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just a plain USB hard drive. The system will sync the songs with my main box through rsync.
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Learn, Understand, Grow, Expand, Innovate.
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I wonder how one of these could run xPUD.
I'd like to see a home made tablet...
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Already ordered one. The first project is building a picture frame with a spare 1080p monitor I have laying around.
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I was thinking of throwing a MAME cabinet together with this.
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I am interested in having one as an HTPC. It's funny that I would likely buy a $40 wireless keyboard when the system is only $35
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It sure adds up if you factor in everything.

Raspberry Pi B - $35
SD Card - $10+ depending on size
Wifi-Dongle (I see this as a must)
Various cables
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