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May 1st 2014 3:27 pm

What are your earliest memories of programming?

If you didn't know yet, BASIC is now 50 years old. FIFTY. For some of us here[1] it was our first foray into the wonderfully frustrating world of programming. In the spirit of its birthday, I thought it'd be fun to get a discussion going on first encounters with BASIC. For those of you who were not fortunate enough to touch it, what languages helped get your tires kicking in the world of computer programming?

Feel free to also share your horror stories of how your program, or script, completely botched a perfectly functioning computer!

[1] www.engadget.com­/2014­/05­/01­/basic­-programming­-lang...

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In 7th grade, I took a computer class that taught us how to make webpages using Netscape Navigator's Composer. Tables and font tags and you could do anything. My first "real" program was for the TI-85. It was able to do some basic calculations for parabolas, find the vertex and that kind of stuff. Then I jumped into C++ in college where I did more "real" programming. Then I built all of gdgt ---- all of it. Except the bad parts.
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How did you learn to program when Stack Overflow wasn't available?
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Back in the old days you had to use ExpertsExchange which was better known as ExportSexchange. It was a paid subscription, but if you scrolled to the bottom of the page there was an answer that might be on the right path. Basically - I think kids these days have it so easy w/ SO.
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ExpertsExchange is the worst!
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Making html websites for collections of Dragon Ball Z gifs, lol.
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When I was in seventh grade the teacher thought it would be a good idea to get the class started on learning how to program, so we started learning BASIC. After learning the ins-and-outs of the language we were given an assignment to create a simple text-based game, like a trivia game. For my topic I decided to do questions about the Disney Afternoon, because you know, 1990's. I think we were required to have something like ten questions, and you were supposed to put in a little victory/defeat graphic at the end.

Unfortunately, due to an annoying programming quirk at my junior high school, all of my computer classes were sixth period. Sixth period was the period right after lunch, and lunch was a longer period, so sixth period got to be the shorter period: 20 minutes instead of 40. So instead of two 40-minute sessions a week, I got a combined total of 40 minutes a week to work on my program. I managed to get the game working, but the graphics never came out right before I had to turn it in. Other kids in my class stayed during lunch to finish theirs. So in the end, they got full credit, and I got marked down, because I valued eating over having an upright gallows on my 'game over' screen.
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I started programming in university :S

but hey I got my degree! :P
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I took a summer course on C++ between 9th and 10th grade. Never used C++ since the start of the 10th grade. However, in 10th grade, I got into PHP thanks to the hordes of forums that were looking for developers. I started just copying and pasting forum mods into our code, then had to debug a few that didn't work, then started making my own mods.
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