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April 7th 2012 12:20 pm

Would it be a bad idea for Google to completely open this up to all app developers?

Should they go with an a) Android model where anyone makes an app with no restrictions. b) the iOS route where an app has to be approved. c) the Apple TV route where they scout app developers and put it on themselves, or d) a highly selective mix of "b" and "c"? What do you think?

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This really depends what the hardware actually is:
  1. A Fully self contained product with, CPU, memory, connectivity, display built in mean only option "c" works.
  2. With the very small size, it likely means it is just, a battery, bluetooth and display. So options "a" can work at an early stage.
If the hardware is number 2, a simple remote display, then the only thing App developers need worry about is constantly showing data on the display. But from the size of the display that drain must be quite small compared to the very large 4 inch+ smartphone displays. Another positive is, with the closeness to the eye, the brightness needs to be hugely less that smart phones, lowering battery drain further.

One simple way to allow all developers to use it from day one is to have it work very much like the notification system in Android works today. It would be a simple and efficient way to get information from the phone to the user without having to keep removing it from your pocket or bag.
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The way Android currently runs (assuming that the glasses are Android) is that the code is not public until release. I mean, when a Nexus device is shipped, then the code becomes available. I wish Google would take the MS route to let developers get preview code to start planning applications. I'm a fan of Layar.. so when I saw this, this was one of my first thoughts. I'm buying one as soon as it's available, so I may be a bit bias. Ever since I saw RoboCop I've wanted this.
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This is a dumb question and your avatar is equally lacking. Google is all about being open and this is the best tech commercial I've seen in a while. Though out of the gate this will have a lot of issues, Google can and will sell this for an exorbitant price. Think of Google TV costing $400 at a time when PS3 was $300 and Apple TV was $100. A $999 pricetag does not seem outrageous for this situation if this were to come out in the next 2 years. (Though I don't see it coming out for 3-5.)

There will be no restrictions because this needs a massive amount of support. Google will push certain aspects because at the end of the day software always makes more money than hardware. In this case, the hardware could make money with the hype generated from a simply 2 minute internet ad.

From what I know, Google sucks at making money in software. NO ONE I know pays money for Android apps. NOBODY! Many people I know pay money for iOS apps/games, but I'm under the assumption that even though there are more Android users, fewer of them buy software and sync their devices since you cannot buy Android cards like you can buy iTunes cards and it's much more of a pain to backup the device than simply launching iTunes and making sure you're connected to wifi.

Google has a future winner here. That's about all we know so far. They need to get better at making money off software and making their devices simpler for non-techies. Sure Android devices can do more than iOS, but iOS users know how to do more with their device, because of the simplicity.
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