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June 14th 2014 5:22 pm

Your Greatest moments in Mobile Technology

Ok, so we've all have had our favorite moments of technology, and I'm wondering what are yours. Like the moment when the most useful feature you've ever used was announced or anything like that.

Mine? The announcement of iCloud at the 2012 WWDC. Also, the time I first got an iPhone.

Multiple moments are allowed!

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This will probably be pretty Apple centric, but Apple was my first foray into the world of smart phones. After the original iPhone launched in the summer of 2007, I vowed that I wouldn't get it (hah, sound familiar?). I figured my flip phone was good enough for me, and I already have an iPod that I listen to music with.

But I was curious. "I could surf the internet on my train ride to work?!" Hmmmm. Anyway, I ended up picking one up a few weeks after it launched -- despite the severe limitations at the time (no apps, no cut and paste, ridiculously buggy version of Safari, a crappy camera that was marginally better than the one that was on my flip phone), it opened my eyes in terms of technology.

"This is the future! Imagine if they let you do more on it! But there's no way that would ever happen. This is Apple!"

Eventually, they did. And it was awesome!

Additionally, I met my fiancée for the first time at a local bar right after the original iPhone came out. At the time, it was so new and expensive, no one else had it -- but she did! It was basically love at first sight. And hey, no we're getting married. Was it because of the original iPhone? Who knows. ;)
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