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mymicrometereye mymicrometereye

I think the majority of us who are in their late 20s and up (at least in the US) will have fond memories of the NES. I mean, it seemed like EVERYONE had a NES. I remember spending days playing the original Metal Gear with my friends, moving from house to house every day just trying to beat it...

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manveru manveru

Ah, the Nintendo. Some of the best games to ever be made were on this system, and what this system would do set the path for years after it. Sequels to games from the NES are still being made, even on today's high end consoles. Granted my view may be bias due to nostalgia, but it's...

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benhyams benhyams

Look, if you can't recognize that the modern value in the NES is it's nostalgia and the robust new life it gave to the world of gaming, then you should probably stop reading now. It's not fancy, its not powerful, and it's not supposed to be anymore. It's just really fun. If you get the chance to,...

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Demoiselle Demoiselle

Overall, the NES as a piece of hardware leaves a lot to be desired. It's ugly, underpowered, and had plenty of design flaws that resulted in hardware failure. But as a device for playing video games, it couldn't be beat in its time - and it's even harder to live up to all these years later....

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