The Audiovox SMT 5600 lives!

Audiovox SMT 5600

It was probably the first Windows Mobile-powered Smartphone to come out here in the US that got more things right than it got wrong, but has the Audiovox SMT 5600 gotten lost in the shuffle of the Cingular/AT&T Wireless merger? The smartphone has indeed disappeared from AT&T Wireless' website and is nowhere to be found on Cingular's, so we made a quick call to the new company's media relations office to get the scoop. The public relations rep we spoke to said that it is still possible to find the SMT 5600 at a few of the former AT&T Wireless stores and through their B2B channel, but that they aren't selling it online anymore. When asked if that meant the phone was basically dead (or dying), he told us that actually Cingular was testing the phone on their network and would be reintroducing it soon, but how soon, he couldn't say.