Takara's new TERA bots

Takara TERA robots

Takara's on the cutesy robot tip at this year's Tokyo International Forum with new TERA line of bots (the "TERA" stands for "Takara Entertainment Robot Architecture"):

  • The TERA SECURITY — This one's a security bot designed to keep an eye on things around the house, it can alert you if there's a break-in or a fire in your home.

  • The TERA LIFE — Gotta love a lifestyle bot, this one has a breathalyzer, a body thermometer, and a body fat analyzer and can automatically contact your doctor or call emergency services if you're in need of immediate medical attention.

  • TERA AV — Not sure why you'd want your DVD player or stereo that's able to wander off of its own accord, but the voice-controllable TERA AV can play DVDs and CDs that you pop into its mouth, and also has a built-in projector, a hard drive, and speakers.

[Via Akihabara News]