How Paris Hilton got hacked?

Paris Hilton

We may have an easy answer for how someonw was able to break into Paris Hilton's Sidekick account and grab her address book and emails. Turns out they didn't hack into the server or guess her password. Rather, they guessed (correctly) that she wasn't quite savvy enough to realize that everyone already knew what her answer would be to the secret question T-Mobile asks when you forget your password: "What is your favorite pet's name?" Enter the correct answer and T-Mobile lets you reset the password to whatever you want. Yeah, we know that required some serious l33tness on the part of the hackers (hey, but if you're so smart, why weren't you logging into her account months ago?), but it was only yesterday that T-Mobile was even made aware of the, uh, vulnerability in Paris's account and fixed things.

[Via Waxy]