Cowon iAudio X5 reviewed

iAudio X5

The buzz on the Cowon iAudio X5 has been strong ever since the portable media player was announced a few months back, and has only grown stronger since its recent U.S. release at the very attractive price point of $299 for a 20GB version ($350 for 30GB). The Cowon fans at iAudiophile got a good look at it, and gave it a 91% rating, citing its solid build quality, decent GUI, video capabilities, Mac and Linux compatibility and good battery life as pluses, with only a few dings for items like imperfect gapless playback, and a side-mounted headphone jack. Specs include a bright 1.8-inch LCD, 14-hour battery life, USB-OTG, support for MP3, WMA, OGG and FLAC audio, along with video playback at 15 fps. All-in-all, a solid player, though not one we'd want to use to watch a full-length flick.