$50 iBook stampede!


Remember those old iBooks being sold off by a school district in Virginia for $50 a pop? Well, if not, you should probably consider yourself lucky. Turns out that, despite pleas from local officials to stay away, a mob scene erupted, as roughly 12,000 hopeful customers started showing up as early as 1:30 am for the 7:00 am sale of about 1,000 iBooks. By the time the gates were ready to open, the line was a half-mile long. As it became clear that demand clearly outstripped supply, the crowd went wild, storming the gates and causing a melee. While the stampede isn't the kind of image Apple would want (though, fortunately, no major injuries were reported) it certainly highlights the, er, insanity spirit of Mac loyalists. Try as we might we just can't imagine a similar scene at a sale of four-year-old Dells or HPs.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]