Sony Qualia, RIP: 2004 - 2005

Sony Qualia 0016

Looks like Stringer's cleaning house again, everybody. Apart from all the rest, and besides some newly announced serious internal restructuring of their financial holding company and proceeding with the IPO of their So-Net ISP business, they're killing off their Qualia line. Yup, that Qualia line. First they add SD, then SonicStage dies, now this? Apparently even currently pending orders won't be fulfilled—a refund will definitely be an order for that Qualia 016 and 006 we ordered for around the office—but you can still buy off their remaining stock from the line if you're so inclined to do something like drop $1,700 on a Minidisc player.

[Thanks, Koi]

Update: Qualia US has been spared! Oh, happy day! Is it because we're all so posh? Or is it because… you know what, we're not going to spoil this moment with a lot of questions—just know that Qualia US will remain open "as long as there is demand in the marketplace."