Google Video Store announced

It's arguable that Google was in the content business before, but they've officially done it: alongside Google Pack (a package installer of many of their popular desktop apps like G Talk, Earth, Desktop, as well as software that Google really likes, like RealPlayer, Acrobat, etc.) they're going online with CBS to sell commercial-free episodes of CSI, NCIS, Survivor, and a whole host of other CBS library eps -- not to mention a whole menagerie of other video content like NBA matches (24 hours after they've aired), music videos from Sony BMG, indie films from, news footage, Charlie Rose interviews, and cartoon classics. Though we don't have pricing right at this moment for downloadable content from the Google Video Store (move over, Apple, Google-train comin' through), it looks like they might be using DivX video technology in their distribution, as they've also announced what sounds like a loose partnership for "bringing video into the connected home." One of the more interesting aspects of the Video Store, however, is the fact that they're also making their non-copy-protected content available for download DRM-free encoded for the iPod and PSP (though there's also no word on what it is we're going to have to deal with in terms of DRM on purchased Google Video content).