Nintendo says goodbye to GBA

And it's all the fault of that sleek system you see to the right. Eurogamer reports that in an interview with Reuters, Satoru Iwata shot down the idea of creating new versions of the hugely popular GBA, stating that it would be pouring cold water on the DS and the DS Lite's unfathomably hot success. He says that he "would have a second thought about using our resources on what would be the next generation of Game Boy Advance considering the strong support DS is now enjoying."

So is that the end for our beloved GBA? Not by a long shot. Many developers are still churning out games for the system--given how many people have one stashed inside their pockets, it's still very much a viable and even lucrative market. Besides, you'll want to keep one around if you simply can't handle the sight of a GBA cart sticking out of a DS Lite.