Getting to know the RAZR V3m

As the RAZR name splinters into a seemingly endless array of variants, how can the average user be expected to know the difference between a V3i, a V3c, and a V3x? More importantly, how are we to know whether that shiny new clamshell goodness is worth divorcing ourselves of several hundred dollars? As usual, we've got you covered. This time, we have Mobiledia taking an up-close-and-personal look at the V3m, the successor to the CDMA V3c. The V3m is basically a V3c that's been taking its vitamins -- the only major additions are the MicroSD slot and music playback. Externally, the phones are identical, so V3c users fishing for compliments on their hot new upgrade best look elsewhere. Mobledia faults Motorola for carrying over the same 65,000-color displays from the V3c, but left us with a generally positive impression of the phone, crediting it for addressing the major complaints leveled against its predecessor. If that's enough to get you excited, the V3m is expected shortly on Verizon for $150 with contract.