F.E.A.R 360 P.R.E.V.I.E.W

EuroGamer has some info on F.E.A.R 360's "instant action" mode:

It's not just for kicks though - the better you do, the better your end-of-level or post-death stats, which you're given on an analysis screen afterward. Not only that, but the game computes a final score for you and uploads it to Xbox Live leaderboards, which ought to encourage a bit of competition. Vivendi's also talked about "brand new multiplayer content created to fully utilise Xbox Live" so it's a fair bet Live will be employed for more than boards, too - although whether F.E.A.R. 360 will make use of the content recently added to the PC version, including new Control game-modes, is something Vivendi hasn't got anything to say about right now. More to come, presumably.

Those of us with under-powered PCs are counting on this port to deliver what our aging rigs cannot.

[Thanks 8BitNinja]