Project Offset to offset 360

Here's a tip. If you want to get in good with 360 Fanboy bloggers (this one at least), send us news about Project Offset. For those of you that don't know, Project Offset is the codename for an upcoming fantasy FPS created by Offset Software (hence, the catchy codename). Anywho, the news: Offset Software has recently updated their website with a job listing for an Xbox 360 programmer (curiously, no PS3 programmers, though). Offset has already stated that they planned to bring the title out for consoles, but it's nice to see that development is continuing apace -- the studio has also acquired an as yet unnamed "major" publisher. In case you've never heard of this game or its developer, check out a video of the Offset engine in action. Could the Unreal Engine finally see some real competition?

[Thanks, Vill4no and SickNic]