Treo 750v review roundup

While we in the US sit sadly, sans Treo 750v, the first round of reviews and hands-on are coming in from Europe on what may be one of the sexiest smartphones around. Everyone's got a hands-on or review of some kind, and we're sure that you're far too busy tapping out SMSes to read 'em all, so we're going to boil 'em down for you. Treonauts enjoys the lighter weight (15 percent, its says) on the new 750v, and the folks at Shiny Shiny point out that some users may actually miss the now-gone antenna as some folks used it to grip whilst retrieving the phone from a pocket or purse. Pocketinfo has a lengthy review (with some very large photos) and likes it overall, but laments the lack of WiFi and a better cam. Finally, CNET weighs in as well with its minute-long video, and digs the rubberized exterior -- something that we had to add on previously with those adhesive egrips stickers. Enjoy your new Treos, European Vodafone subscribers, because remember: here in the States, our Treos still all have stub antennas whether we like it or not.

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