Intel readies Quadro chips for November release

Our good friends in Santa Clara, California have been very busy as of late -- Intel's working on getting lasers into silicon and getting its Core 2 Duos into everythingunderthesun (but sometimes not). But Moore and Noyce's baby isn't stopping there, no sir: DigiTimes is reporting that Intel's first quad-core "Kentsfield" chip, the 2.66 GHz Core 2 Extreme QX6700, will be officially called the Quadro and should be available starting in mid-November. Meanwhile, Reg Hardware chimes in that while Intel is also ramping up its Merom-based Celeron M series for budget laptops, the more interesting news is that the first low-voltage Core 2 Duos will hit the streets in January 2007. According to the Reg, the next generation of low-voltage Centrino chips, the L7200 and the L7400 (code-named the "Santa Rosa"), will feature Core 2 Duos running at 1.33 GHz and 1.5 GHz, priced at $284 and $316, respectively. Speaking of low-voltage chips, we haven't decided if trying to overclock one would be an incredibly brilliant or an incredibly foolish idea -- but we'll find out soon enough.

Read - DigiTimes [Photo courtesy of Tom's Hardware]
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