Motorola RAZR coming to Amp'd?

With all the CDMA RAZR love that seems to be going around these days, why not spread some over to the MVNO folks, too? That seems to be the thinking with Amp'd, anyway -- never mind the fact that the darned thing's K1m successor is out and about -- as an Amazon slideshow page for a T-Mobile branded V3 variant seems to reveal. Everything seems perfectly kosher right up until the second-to-last photograph, which curiously reveals "Amp'd Mobile" emblazoned across the back. Now, last time we checked, Amp'd was a CDMA MVNO and doesn't do much business with those crazy GSM T-Mobile types, so we're guessing some absentminded Amazon employee just put up the wrong pic. To be fair, the V3, V3i, V3c, and V3m are all barely distinguishable even to a trained eye -- but shouldn't the giant carrier logo silkscreened onto the phone be some sort of clue?

[Thanks, Will]