PS3 disassembled on video

Ryan Block
R. Block|11.12.06

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Ryan Block
November 12th, 2006
We know you're probably sick of hearing about gadget disassemblies, and we know we already hit up that one PlayStation 3 getting taken apart and everything. But, see, this Japanese site did it on video, and we have to tell you it's extremely graphic and wonderful. And considering the fact that it takes two guys cumulatively nearly fifteen minutes to oh so ceremoniously pull this bad boy apart, it's really no wonder Sony's monster of a console will set you back a half a grand (or more).

P.S. -Be sure to hit up part three, that heat sink is one of the most elaborate and impressive we've ever seen.

[Thanks, Gustavo]

Watch - part 2
Watch - part 3
Watch - part 4
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