"Touch" interactive installation lights up Brussels' Dexia Tower

Those who think that everything is better with LEDs may want to pay a visit to Brussels sometime within in the next couple of weeks, where you can currently catch the "Touch" interactive art installation by LAb[au] that's bathing the city's Dexia Tower in multi-colored blinkin' lights. More specifically, all 4,200 of the tower's windows has been outfitted with RGB LED bars (besting the M-INT Kobe building's 2,800 blue LEDs), which can be flipped on and off or changed color at will (click though to the live video stream to see it in action). What's more, the entire light show is controllable via a series of touch screens at the base of the tower although, sadly, it seems they haven't thought to rig it up with an emulator for some scarily life-sized Space Invaders action (certainly not out of the question, given some other projects we've seen). Those planning on checking it out shouldn't hold off too long though, with the whole thing set to be shut off January 15th.

[Via Information Aesthetics]