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Nokia on iPhone: what, no 3G?

The iPhone could end wars, poverty, and hunger, but we still wouldn't expect competitors' executives to exactly fawn over it. And indeed they didn't -- though Nokia's VP of Nseries devices, Pekka Pohjakallio, was surprisingly un-negative in comments today to Tech Digest at CES. Pohjakallio pointed out that the iPhone is a convergence device (cue pro-Nokia spin) not unlike Nokia's own Nseries multimedia computers, which he views as a positive validation of the concept. In light of the media-heavy feature set, though, he came away surprised that it wasn't packing 3G data (as were we, except replace "surprised" with "disappointed") and seemed to rib Apple's decision to launch first in the US. A European organization upset that they get the cool stuff late and with no usable 3G, eh? Sounds like poetic justice to us.