ASUS announces P735 with 3G

If only ASUS made that GPS-packin' P535 with a 3G radio... well, by George, they do! (Sorta.) The P735 takes the P535's winning formula (for folks that consider a keyboardless design a "winning formula," anyway) but trades GPS for some glorious UMTS data in a 19mm-thick package. Other features include 256MB of onboard Flash, 2 megapixel primary and VGA front-facing cams, 802.11b / g, Bluetooth 2.0, and miniSD expansion. Conspicously missing from the spec sheet, though, are Crossbow and any form of 3G usable this side of the pond. Maybe next time you'll think of us, ASUS.

[Via NaviGadget, thanks Dimitris]