Reader UI of the Week: Silph

Another great and simple UI this week, but I still want to see your outlandish (get it?) designs and crazy UI schemes. Do you have something you think no one else has been able to show us yet? Send it to readerui at gmail dot com.

Silph writes:

Function over form. I follow that rule in my design work, and did so with this UI. Basically everything is suited to my needs, all while being simple and as minimal as possible.

To begin with there are two chat frames, the on the left shows guild, part and raid chat while the one on the right shows everything else from trade to a tabbed combat log. Above the each chat frame there are a collection of buttons. The left ones have macros of my Outfitter gear sets (Tanking, DPS, FR, AR etc etc) along with profession buttons (Enchanting, smelting, cooking etc).

The right ones on the other hands are my trade macros. Each button advertises in trade an enchant I can do. The macros will spam something along the lines of: "Enchanting Savagry (70 AP) on 2H weapon I'll wave my rod and make you glow©" but I digress.

The middle part is self explanatory. My 'O crap!' buttons on the upper right are small to avoid accidently clicking them when I do not need to. Autobar is used for consumables, hearthstone and mounts. Fubar is used to list the information in the bottom.

Since warrior shouts are really short in duration (2 mins, 3 w/talents) I have SmartBuff tell me when I have to rebuff. It will remind me to rebuff Battle shout if I'm solo, or Commanding Shout if I'm in a group or raid. Rebuffing is done by simply scrolling the mouse wheel.

The map is windowed and it records mine nodes for future farming, along with other notes I set. My bags are divided into sections according to the type of items, All In One is used for that.

One of the mods many tanks overlook is Grid. It has a handy function which clearly shows you if if one of the party/raid has aggro, which is very very helpful in instances such as Shattered Hands.

Some of the mods used are:

  • Elkano

  • Buffbar

  • Fubar

  • ag_UF

  • Xart

  • Bartender

  • BigWigs

  • Grid

  • All In One

  • Outfitter

  • Autobar

  • Trinketmenu

  • NECB

  • Cartographer

  • oRA2

  • Xloot

  • KTM

  • SW_Stats

So that's it for this time, let us know what you think of this UI in the comments, and don't be afraid to send in your own UI. When sending in your UI, include a couple of screenshots, a good writeup of why the UI looks like it does, and what you're proudest of. The more info you send, the more likely you'll be showcased here.