Reader UI of the Week: Omegi

This week, Omegi, a member of <J E T T> on Kalecgos horde-side sends in his fairly minimal UI. It gets me to thinking, and I hope it'll get you to thinking too. Here's what's on my mind - what's more efficient: well-placed buttons with easy visual clues, or an array of keybindings that you commit to memory? Omegi has a set of keybindings which are great, and I'm digging the large buttons for infrequently used items/skills.

Here is the UI I have grown to love over the career of my mage.

Here is a list of mods and key bindings.

My mod list:
CT Raid Assist: Only for the group bars to show buffs. A raid leader must know his class officers are buffing up their members properly.
Bongos: This allowed me to move buttons around and make them smaller or larger. It also allows me to color the square for range notification and allows easy hover and click key bindings.
Cryolosys Revived: A mage must have. Otherwise you have 2 bars of useless buffs
Natures Enemy Cast bar: Shows enemy and friendly cast and cool down timers. I know when a soulstone is available or when someones polymorph timer is up.
Deadly Boss Mods: Better than CT Boss mods by a long shot.
Easy Combat log: It's color coded crap for idiots like me.
Titan Panel: duh?
Improved Camera2 : extends the range you can zoom out.
EZdismount: click a spell while mounted and you dismount for the fast attack.
Trinket Menu: better trinket management.
Xperl Unit Frames: Better group frames
Smart Debuff: Every debuff class must have it.

I will try and list a few of my most important key bindings.

1 = scorch
2 = fireball
3 = fireblast
4 = pyroblast
5 = frost bolt
6 = arcane missile
Q = blink
w = forward
E = frost nova
G = silence
T = polymorh
A = strafe left
S = Back up
D = strafe right
F = wand

Left mouse button = default
Right mouse button = default
Middle mouse button = arcane explosion
Mouse 4 = Vent talk
Mouse 5 = Will of the foresaken
Mwheel up = scroll in
Mwheel down = scroll out
Shift+mwheel up =arcane power
Shift+mwheel down = presence of mind
Shift+middle mouse button = blast wave
Shift+mouse 5 = spell steal

Shift+1 = cone of cold
Shift+2 = arcane blast
Shift+Q = frostbolt
Shift+W = flamestrike
Shift+E = ice lance
Shift +S = blizzard
Shift+Z = evocation
Shift+spacebar = trinket

Here is a link to my UI in action. Notice how bad I'm sucking in PvP. I like to tell myself it's because of my pure PvE build.

Yay! A video! So now you can see how the UI functions in the real world. So, I put it to you fair readers, which works better - keybindings or visual cues? I keybind my main actions, but still have the buttons showing, as I'm seemingly unable to commit more than 10 actions to memory for any single character. Does a setup like Omegi's work for you, or do you have other tricks up your sleeves?

Please, submit your UI to us to be featured here. In order to be featured, please include a screenshot (or 2 or 3), a write-up of what makes your UI so great, why we should feature it, and what elements make up your UI. If you have a video, like Omegi, link to that too! Take all that and send it to "readerui at gmail dot com".