Reader UI: Sewell

While I was hoping to see a submission from Chronnick, based on last week's comments, that has yet to come. Instead, we get a very nice treat indeed. You want video? You want pictures? You want to be able to download the UI you see here? Then look no further than Sewell's UI, kindly submitted here for your enjoyment:

My UI has been tweaked to perfection over the course of a couple months. I love the clean design and functional layout.

It is designed around my mage so there are class specific addons, but it has been easily adopted to several others by fellow guildies. I created a custom frame in photoshop to house my buttons and chat windows at the bottom. The UI works great for PvE and also the use of larger emergency pots and bandages buttons work great in PvP. I have exagerated the size of buttons that I need to find quickly in combat and minimized ones that I use less frequently.

Here is a quick rundown of some of the major components:
ag_UnitFrames - replaces self and target bars
XArt - allows the use of background images
Sewell XArt pack - my customized images
Baggins - bag replacement
Cryolosis Revived
Grid - useful in groups and battlegrounds

I am including links to vids of it in action as well as the UI package hosted at

So there you have it, Sewell's UI in all its glory. Now that you've seen it, and maybe even tried it out, what do you think? Share your comments below, and please send in your own UI for us to post here. For your best chances at an early appearance, please include 2-3 images, a good writeup of what makes your UI special, and a list of mods/changes you've made. Take all that, toss it in an email, and send to "readerui at gmail dot com" right away!