Reader WoWspace: Skyghene

Maybe it's just me, but I read Skyghene as rhyming with Hygene, and so I get a little extra chuckle when checking out this week's Reader WoWspace. I mean, it's totally cool and all to take some snapshots of your space as it exists in its regular state, unlike the cleaned and polished spaces we sometimes see here, and I'm so digging the microwave, but.. well.. maybe it's the paper towel roll that just sends me over the top and makes me laugh. I love it, and now I really want a mini fridge and a microwave in my home office.

Hi, my name is Skyghene im a 65 undead rogue on Magtheridon and this is my WoWspace:

- Desk
- Custom built computer
- Fridge under the desk for those endurance sessions
- Microwave beside computer for really intense endurance sessions
- brown sugar cinnamon poptarts to keep me going
- Logitech g15 keyboard
- My desk as it slowly bends downward from all the weight on it
- Razer copperhead mouse
- alot of empty cups
- old plates
- my cell phone
- an old video camera
- old packs of guitar strings
- some old usb cables

Short and sweet from Skyghene, but the photos really make up for the lack of long monologue, don't they? What's the coolest non-computer item in your WoWspace? Do you have something better than a microwave or a bar fridge? Let us know here, and send in YOUR space, including photos, a list of elements, and what about it makes it special to you, and we'll feature it here in the upcoming weeks. Submit yours to "readerwowspace at gmail dot com" today!