Reader UI: Chronnick

Finally! A UI that some of you may have been waiting for - I know I was. It's frequent commenter Chronnick and his UI! I'll get out of the way and let Chronnick explain:

Here it is!

After a month of delays due to nitpicking every single element of the UI, I hereby humbly present my interface. My focus here was to leave as much of the world visible as possible, while still showing a ton of information, and not using a ton of memory or cpu time. So I've thrown it all towards the bottom of the screen and made it as pretty as possible using Skinner and Clearfont. Clearfont anti-aliases all my fonts, and Skinner gives me a pretty, uniform background on all my windows.

I'm still working on making Damage Meters and KTM a little less ugly and I think there is a way to do that with Skinner, but that's still a work in progress.

For the unit frames I've got ag_UnitFrames using the ABF skin that i modified a bit for to hide the background of the target's caster bar. My buffs are shown using Buffalo, which allows me to place them to the right of my health/mana bars the same way my party member's buffs are shown. But by using Buffalo instead of agUnitFrames' own buff display, i can right-click my buffs to remove them.

SimpleCombatLog shows me all pertinent combat information in a small window, next to simpleMinimap. I use cartographer for all my map/herb/dungeon needs. I have the Cartographer_Herbalism.lua file that marks the location of every herb in the game on my map and minimap, thanks to Wowhead's database. Though as great as Cartographer is, I still have to use AtlasLoot to see Faction rewards. Bongos is my bar mod of choice, and all my keybindings are on a hidden bar. eCastingBar lets me move my casting bar, stretch it, and show the icon of the spell being cast.

That's pretty much it. Most of my mods are Ace2 so I can update them easily with WowAce Updater. If you have any ideas how to make this look better or reduce memory usage, let me know!

Advanced Trade Skill Window: Shows 20 recipes at a time, has queueing options, and search filters.
ag_UnitFrames: Highly customizable unit frame mod that also allows the showing of all spells being cast by party members.
AtlasLoot: Shows dungeon boss loot as well as Faction rewards.
Bagnon: All-in-one bag mod that shows bag and bank contents of all your characters.
Bongos: Bar mod that does a great job with keybindings.
Buffalo: Finally, a buff mod that doesn't show buffs as bars that stack vertically!
Cartographer: BEST map mod ever! Shows guild members on map, mining/herb nodes, questgivers, and it's configurable.
ClearFont2: Makes all the fonts anti-aliased and smooth. Easy on the eyes.
Damage Meters: Shows who's doing the healing/damage in a group.
DeadlyBossMods: Calls out boss abilities in raid dungeons.
Decursive: One-click debuff removal.


: Configurable caster bars.
EQcompare: Mouse over an item you can equip and it shows you what you currently have equipped.
Fubar: Tons of data in a small bar.
Guild Quests: Shows which guildies share quests with you, independent of distance.
KLH Performance Monitor: Monitors memory and cpu usage of mods.
KLH Threat Meter: Monitors how much threat mobs have on individual party members.
Minimalist: Lots of nice little interface tweaks in a small package.
Mobinfo2 with Mobhealth: Collects and displays data on mobs such as drops, health, and mana.
MountMe: Switches trinkets on mounting, also automatically selects for the best mount for the user.
Move Anything: Move any element on screen.
MultiTips: Show more than one item from a shift-click on screen at once.
Omni Cooldown Count: Giant numbers counting down the cooldown on spells.
Prat: Way too many chat related options. If you want to do something with chat, it's here.
RatingBuster: Converts combat ratings in your tooltips into percentages.
Saeriss' LootLink: Stores all items seen ingame in a searchable database, also makes clickable links when you type [primal might].
Simple Combat Log: Legible combat log.
simpleMinimap: Configurable minimap.
Skinner: Changes the default skin of the Blizzard UI, also adds the texture at the top and bottom of my interface.
StopTheSpam: Silence noisy mods in the chat frame when you log in.
Swatter: Catches bugs and reports them to you.
Theorycraft 2: Calculates DPS, DPM, HPM and all that stuff for every spell and places it in the tooltip.
Tinytip: Places tooltips on the cursor, not in the corner of the screen.
Uberquest: Shows 20 quests at a time, and has a configurable quest tracker.
WoWEcon: Auctioneer replacement, not so sure about this one yet.
WoW Instant Messenger: Places all whispers in a window for easy chatting, also supports one tabbed window.
XLoot: Better looking loot window, also places loot window under the cursor.
XLootGroup: Better looking loot rolls.

What do you think of Chronnick's setup? Want to show off your unique UI setup and your favorite addons? Send a description of your UI, why you like it, and a list of your favorite addons to "readerui at gmail dot com" today!