Not quite a set - Typhoon

We've looked at a couple of the Tier 2 look-a-like sets in the past (the Green Wrath and Purple Judgement sets for those keeping score at home) and I felt it was time to continue. Maybe it's just me, but I really like when my armor set LOOKS complete. My shammy is currently striding about Shattrath in his Tidefury set, and I've had quite a few nice comments on the character's overall look.

So, if you're as strangely obsessed with completing a look as I am, I hope you'll find these articles on non-set sets appealing. If you prefer gear with the best stats over looks, you may not be getting that here.

This time around, I'm looking at a Shaman healing set, which happens to mimic the look of the Ten Storms tier 2 set. The graphics really don't do it justice, as you'll actually get little bolts of lightning playing around the shoulders and head when you put this gear on. As everything in the set has a slightly nautical naming convention, and the colors give off a deep-sea kinda vibe, I am now dubbing this set "Typhoon". Feel free to spread that around, folks.

And now, the gear:

Headdress of the Tides
Drops From: Ghaz'an in the Underbog (HEROIC)

Mantle of the Sea Wolf
Drops From: Tavarok in the Mana Tombs (HEROIC)

Harness of the Deep Currents
Drops From: Murmur in the Shadow Labyrinth

Primal Surge Bracers
Drops From: Aeonus in the Black Morass

Fathomheart Gauntlets
Drops From: Warlord Kalithresh in the Steamvaults

Stillwater Girdle
Drops From: Nexus-Prince Shaffar in the Mana Tombs (HEROIC)

Oceansong Kilt
Drops From: The reward box after Vazruden in the Hellfire Ramparts (HEROIC)

Wavefury Boots
Drops From: Rokmar the Crackler in Slave Pens (HEROIC)

Total stats:
Armor - 3,747
Stam - 192
Int - 217
Healing - 476
Mp5 - 55

As a geomancer (that's just a cool word for elemental Shaman), I'd gladly go after any of these pieces for my off-healing set. The MP5 is fantastic, and if you take nothing but this set and a good weapon/shield combo, you'll be approaching 1000 healing. With trinkets, neck, and cloak, there's no reason you can't be around 1300 healing, closer to 1400 after enchants. Maybe not enough to be a primary healer, but still very good in a bind. I'm especially taken with the bracers - for some reason itemization for mail wrist-wear is subpar. Yes, there's better gear out there for shaman healers (Gloves of Centering, anyone?), but for a good-looking set that's also quite capable, you can't beat Typhoon! (seriously, spread that name around, would ya?)

So, what say you? This is as good a place as any to discuss Shaman healing equipment, so list your faves and let us know what you think of this set.