MacBook WiFi hack to be published, sound of snoring overpowers announcement

You may remember good-old David Maynor, the infamous hacker who caused a stir in the Mac community by "exploiting" a "loophole" in a MacBook's WiFi that allowed an outside user to gain control of the system. Of course, the hack was then promptly disputed by all sorts of people, said to be a hoax, and generally made fun of. A little bit later on, Maynor and co. turned up in a nerd-tastic war of words on the internet over an OS X "worm," trading barbs, assuming fake names, creating counterfeit blogs, and eventually being reduced to death-threats and public "outings" of their online personalities. Now, according to reports, Maynor is "officially" publishing the details of his original exploit, freed from legal shackles (i.e., NDAs) which he claim prevented him from revealing the truth about his hack. The hot-blooded work is to be published in the September issue of (an online hacking journal). Says Maynor, "Let them tear me apart all they want but at the end of the day the technical merit of the paper will stand on its own." To which we respond: your 15 minutes are up.