PS3 DivX support announced

high five!

DivX, Inc. today revealed a partnership with Sony to integrate its video playback technology into PlayStation 3. While a consumer-targeted firmware update has not been dated, developers who update their SDKs to version 2.00 can already utilize the DivX decoder technology for use in their games. But who cares about games anymore? With DivX support enabled (hopefully in the near future) for PS3 owners, a lot of that juicy BitTorrent content you've compulsively horded on your basement PC can be effortlessly streamed upstairs to the console. Now if they'd just add Xvid support you could finally cut the cable bill altogether...

[Note: Xbox 360 is not natively compatible with DivX or Xvid formats, though DivX support has been rumored to be included in the pending Fall Update.]

[Via PS3 Fanboy]