DivX Pro

Remember earlier this year when we posted about how to nab yourself a copy of DivX Pro? Well thankfully if you missed out first time, our colleagues at Download Squad were nice enough to point out that the DivX folks appear to be running this promotion again just in time for the holiday season. All you need to do is supply DivX with the all-powerful email address (although, that may be the deal-breaker for those wanting to keep their inbox tidy) and they'll send you a serial for 'the DivX codec, the DivX file converter, content upload, video player and web player'.

If DivX spurs you to think about what other codecs you could play on your Mac you should check out Perian - 'the swiss-army knife of QuickTime components' that makes a nice, free, companion to your free DivX licence.

[Via Download Squad]