Nokia 6300 + WiFi = 6300i

We'd have never guessed that the year and a half-old Nokia 6300 would be the target of an update, so color us surprised. The 6300i is a pretty mild refresh of the 6300, offering the same physical appearance, microSD slot, 2 megapixel camera, and Series 40 underpinnings, but the "i" model's got one big ace up its sleeve: WiFi. Nokia's using the opportunity to push the promise of cheap VoIP calling hard -- a nice feature, especially considering the phone's reasonable price of €175 (about $272) -- along with fast internet access. 'Course, without 3G on board, don't stray too far from those hotspots. It looks like we can expect the 6300i (at least in places where the missing 850MHz band isn't needed) some time in the second quarter.