T-Mobile confirms it'll have an Android device sometime this year

The first Android devices were always scheduled to arrive later this year, and while we've already seen a coupleprototypes and hackedports floating around, it looks like T-Mobile is the first out of the gate to confirm that it'll have phones based on Google's mobile OS. Speaking at the Wireless Innovations 2008 conference, T-Mo's VP of broadband and new business division Joe Sims said he'd played with an early version of T-Mobile's first Android phone and that it would ship in the fourth quarter of this year. Sims said that although he was initially skeptical of Android, he's now "impressed," and that T-Mobile would eventually have "more than one" Android phone. Now, if someone would just let us know what this magical phone actually is, we'd be happy -- HTC Dream, anyone?

[Via IntoMobile]