Microsoft's historic first

"Once again we are poised to make history for Microsoft by holding the first ever full-fledged Launch event in Second Life." -- MSDN blog.

In order for this statement to be in any way factual, we'd have to assume that they are redefining 'first', or 'full-fledged' or perhaps the mysteriously capitalized 'Launch' for marketing effect.

The other possibility is that the historical part is that it's Microsoft's first time doing such a thing in Second Life -- in which case the statement isn't actively false, only highly misleading.

Having pushed their initial launch into Second Life pretty hard, it seemed to be something of a failure, with competitor Sun Microsystems well ahead of the Microsoft effort in the overall engagement stakes.

Nonetheless, Microsoft is having another run up at it, and if there's one thing Microsoft does well, it's iterating towards success.

The launch event is going on in Second Life on 26 April on Microsoft Island, and the event calendar is here, but you will need to have Live Meeting installed for all of the demos.

Yes, that's a picture of Bill Gates up there. We've redefined Microsoft's CEO for marketing effect.