Palm Centro 2 leaked, lacking QWERTY? (update: nope)

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Thomas Ricker
August 11th, 2008
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Palm Centro 2 leaked, lacking QWERTY? (update: nope)

As good as it looks, we're not going to get too carried away with this supposedly leaked Centro 2 image. While the mockup certainly looks professional, there's no way of knowing at this point whether or not it's from Palm official or just the dream of a downcast fanboy. If true, then we're looking at a new, presumably QWERTY-less touchscreen device with what looks like an Opera (not Blazer) browser, dedicated media keys, and Bell Mobility Canada branding. A design which would certainly be "breakthrough" and "revolutionary" for Palm smartphones. Hit the read link for a bigger pic while we shake-down our sources for more input.

Update: Sigh, it was too good to last. Turns out that it's just a Photoshop project. Palm, do the right thing and hire this guy.

[Thanks, Robert and Joe F.]
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