WoW Insider at Dragon*Con 2008!

Perhaps you were one of the myriad people who made it out to the WoW panels at Dragon*Con last year. Maybe you just heard of this raucous, geeky event and decided that since you can't make it to the West coast for BlizzCon, you'd check out Dragon*Con. Whatever your reason, we're heading back again this year along with our sister site Massively with a variety of World of Warcraft related panels for you to enjoy!

If you're heading to Hotlanta this weekend to take in all the awesome that is sure to be Dragon*Con 2008, we've prepared a handy guide to some of the MMOG track happenings that may be of interest. Join us after the break for a panel breakdown, or check out the full schedule on Massively for all things MMO going on at D*C 2008!

All times Eastern. Host hotel for this year's MMOG track is the Sheraton. The master post on Massively will be updated as the schedule changes, so check back! Also of note: frosty adult beverages will be on sale at all night-time ballroom events.

Athens Room

1:00 PM

Maintaining wife (or husband) faction
Tired of fighting your worst battles after the raid is over? Come and join Kevin Stallard and Krystalle Voecks as they discuss how to keep your significant other happy while still having enough time to play your favorite games.

Augusta Room:

2:30 PM

Herding cats 101 (aka Guild Management)
Sometimes the largest challenge in an MMO isn't the raiding; it's getting a group together in the first place. Find out how leaders of successful large guilds get things done - and manage to stay sane.Trevor Legg from <Lost Order of Akalabeth> and Michael McGreevy from <Children of Midian> share their tips and tricks.

5:30 PM

MMO Etiquette School
Join Mark Crump, Kevin Stallard and Krystalle Voecks (and any other industry folk who decide to pop by) for an old fashioned raucous roundtable of MMOG war stories. Laugh along as the panel and audience swap tales of horror, hilarity and honor in MMOs. For those of you new to MMOGs, this is a great (and funny) object lesson on just what not to do.

2:30 PM

WoW Drama (aka Schadenfreude 101)
World of Warcraft? Drama? Nooooooo. Join WoW Insider and Massively as we look at some of the things we've seen and heard from the forums, commenters, and more. Bring your own tales of epic lulz to share in this free-form style panel!

10:00 AM

Legal and ethical Issues in MMO gaming (The gold-farming panel)
Back by popular demand, come and let your "Inner Johnny Cochran" out for an hour. If the gold is farmed, who gets harmed? Who really owns all that stuff that you work (play) so hard to get or make? If you came to Dragon*Con seeking legal advice, you should probably seek professional (psychiatric) help. If, however, you want to come and get into a good discussion, then this is the place to be.

2:30 PM

So you'd like to work in the MMO industry?
Eddy Webb from CCP Games (EVE Online). Mark Capps (Unreal), and Mark Crump will answer your questions about how to get into the Massively Multiplayer Online Gaming industry. If you're an artist, designer, programmer, writer, or just a fan of the genre, join us for an inside look at how it all happens.

4:00 PM

WoW Addons
MMORPGs in general, and World of Warcraft in particular, never seem to have a user interface that does everything we want it to. There are millions of addons out there that promise to do everything from dress you appropriately to cast your spells for you with a simple click of the mouse. How do you find them? What is dangerous? What's coming in this next patch?? Krystalle Voecks and Mark Crump have some answers that may help.

Sheraton Capital Ballroom:


World of Warcraft Q&A and Wrath of the Lich King preview
Join Massively and WoW Insider as we answer questions on everything from "old school" raiding to the latest Wrath of the Lich King information in a "no marketing-speak allowed" throw-down. We will also be showing video footage of your first steps as a Death Knight from the current WotLK beta. Note: big fat Wrath spoilers!

4:30 PM

MMO Costume Contest check-in
Come one, come all! From basic costumes, to highly detailed, entries are welcome from any and all MMOs! Just have a notecard/piece of paper/scrap of bar napkin with your name, the game your costume is from, and a quick description. Note: Contestants for the MMO costume contest must check in no later than 5:00 PM.

5:30 PM

MMO Costume Contest
Last year, we had an idea, 2 weeks notice, and landed a packed house and a full overflow room. This year, we're ready to do it even bigger, and with even more awesome prizes! Come watch - or dress as your favorite MMO character and join in as Krystalle Voecks from Massively hosts the 2nd Annual MMORPG Costume Contest. Special guest star judges include Jorgen Tharaldsen from Funcom and Alan "Brenlo" Crosby from Sony Online Entertainment.

7:00 PM

MMO Trivia contest
We have prizes up for grabs -- but this game isn't about loot; It's about bragging rights. Everyone plays, anyone can win. You can pre-register as a team on the DC MMO website or catch up with the D*C MMO staff in person at any of our panels during the weekend. The only "charge" to play is that you have fun!

10:00 PM

World of Warcraft: An evening with WoW Insider & Massively
Here it is. The one you've all been asking for since last year, when we packed not one, but two rooms and had to turn away 300 more people because we couldn't cram anyone else in the door. The WoW party is back with a vengeance. Come and represent the Alliance or the Horde in a battle of epic partying. We're going to punt gnomes, nerf warlocks, and make last year's get together look like a tea party. Oh, and we'll have some schwag too. You know, if you're into that kind of thing. Note: Wrath spoilers!