WoW Moviewatch: Le Terroriste

(Warning: This is a double whammy. It's an Olibith film, which means it may offend you, and it also has English subtitles, so you'll have to watch carefully.)

The WeGame machinima contest closed days ago, but on Friday, September 4th 5th, we'll finally know the results of the contest. In the meantime, the highlighting of some of the best videos will continue! Interestingly enough, with Olibith receiving the help of machinimator Phil Rice, this is the first combination World of Warcraft and Mass Effect machinima that I've seen.

Le Terroriste is exactly what you'd expect from Olibith, which is to say that there's some off-color humor that some may not like. The year is 2139 and the crew of the Normandy spaceship is on a mission that will soon be struck by tragedy. If you're a gnome, well ... I'm sorry! When you're done watching, be sure to download the high resolution version.

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