Nikon's D90: the DSLR for HD junkies?

Here we have it folks: the world's first mid-range DSLR to shoot 720p. A heavenly product for high-def junkies, wouldn't you say? After all, how could anyone who appreciates tightly packed pixels even the slightest not be into shooting 720p clips from their DSLR? Unfortunately, it's probably not that cut and dry. For starters, Nikon engineers decided that Motion-JPEG was the way to go, and as we saw on the PowerShot TX1, that very decision kept it from being absolutely amazing. Even if you've got a memory card capacious enough to handle the format (which chews through free space pretty rapidly), do you really think this camera is an acceptable replacement for your HD camcorder? We're all about gadget consolidation, but we're curious as to who all is really ready to ditch their current setup for this. Any takers?

[Thanks, Stephen]