iPhone 2.1 software update announced (update: $10 for some iPod touch owners)

Ah, bug fixes galore. Apple just announced firmware 2.1 for the iPhone and iPod touch. "No crashes," says Steve. He's calling it a big update with the promise of fewer dropped calls, big battery improvement, and faster backups. Is this a dream? We'll find out when it's released this Friday.

P.S. No mention of copy and paste.

Update: 2.1 will be available for iPod touch owners for $10. Come on, you didn't really expect it to be free did you? There's a "buy now" button at the end of that link but it only downloads v2.0 at the moment.

Update 2: Fine print says free to those who paid for iPod touch 2.0 update. Lucky you. [Thanks, Foad]