Bacteria's "Mini-Platform" gets GBA'd

British modder Bacteria really likes cartridges. The bigger the better. He turned an entire N64 console into a gigantic, beige cart, then took a slew of cheap plug 'n play games and did the same -- though smaller and minus the neutral tones. He dubbed that latest creation the Mini-Platform Plug'n'Play Console System, and promised that Game Boy Advance integration was coming soon. Two weeks later it's here courtesy of a little solder and hot glue, opening up the massive library of Game Boy and Advance titles. Yeah, the system isn't much to look at, and with an entire GBA hanging off the back it's pushing the limits of the word "mini." But, it is an intrepid hack and, like his others, he's more than happy to tell you how he did it. Video of this meaty portable in action after the break.