Engadget's Holiday Gift Guide, 2008!

Welcome to the Engadget Holiday Gift Guide! We know as well as anyone what a ridiculous mess it is shopping for tech gifts for your family and friends, especially when you tack on the crowds, the traffic, and hearing Jingle Bell Rock 80,000 times. Sure, it seems like you've got an infinite number of options to comb through, but with our Holiday Gift Guide we're aiming to simplify that gadget gift giving experience and pinpoint a most excellent present for just about anyone.

Here's how we do our thing: the HGG is actually a series of smaller guides broken down first by whom you'll be buying gifts for, and then by price range. Today we're starting with him, easily the most discerning gadget giftee; in a few days we'll go to her, then son, daughter, dad, mom, and so on. The guides will be collected in a landing page which can be helpfully sorted by price and recipient (which will be up soon). We'll publish a new guide every few days through Christmas, so you'll have plenty of time to shop around online and in stores, and we do suggest you check out all the guides -- especially since you never know when you'll find something you want for yourself.

Enjoy, and happy holidays!