1. Kid Icarus: Eggplant'd

Kid Icarus is a notoriously difficult NES classic. In typical old-school fashion, the game is relentless in challenge and unforgiving with mistakes. What's the most frustrating thing you'll encounter in this game, you ask? Is it the vertical-scroll pit deaths? The eternal re-spawning of enemies? The over-priced power-ups? While these are all certainly frustrating, the worst thing to happen to our friend Pit occurs in the dungeon levels. After encountering the dreaded Eggplant Wizard, I'm almost guaranteed to leave the room having had my torso replaced by the dark purple vegetable. When this happens, Pit is reduced to nothing more than a walking life drain, as he has lost his ability to use any weapons. The only cure is to find the nurse who can remove it. But there's only one of these in the entire dungeon, and the nurse's room might be located on the other side of the entire level. Thus, you're often forced to traipse across many rooms, usually taking great abuse along the way.