2. Yoshi's Island: Fuzzy

"What drugs were they on when they made this game?" I've heard people state this many times before about various Nintendo games. While most Nintendo projects have an air of innocence, there's apparently a very fine line in perception between child-like fantasy and wild drug trip. These questions date all the way back to Mario's first grand adventure, when he devoured mushrooms and "got big." Indeed, it must take a lot of ... "imagination" ... to start with an overweight Italian plumber and end up with this.

You can't blame Mario for his pre-disposition to drug abuse; he's been around it his entire life. Before he was even delivered to his parents, he had a run-in with a mind-altering substance. His temporary care-taker was addicted to what was known on the streets as "fuzzy." Yes, Yoshi's Island players, let's admit our addiction: whenever playing level 1-7, we always seem to "accidentally" bump into the fuzzys. File this under "I know I shouldn't but I really want to."