3. Bomberman: Skull

A fairly consistent trait of the Bomberman series, the Skull item card is a mixed bag of almost certain bad possibilities. After touching it, you're given one of a handful of conditions. Sure, there's a max speed and a max bomb blast radius to be had, but you're more than likely not going to be happy with what you receive. There's the painfully slow movement speed, where you're basically asking to be cornered and blasted. There's the bomb impotence, which makes you unable to drop bombs and puts you on the defense. And my personal favorite is what my friends and I have dubbed "bomb incontinence": you simply drop bombs at random without any control whatsoever. Try forming any sound strategy out of that!

And like many infections, the sickness is communicable. Don't like your current status? Simply touch a fellow bomber and you're free ... that is, if there's any around. Certainly any bomberman worth their weight would avoid you like the plague, which makes sense considering you're all infected-like.