First Look: UNO for iPhone

If you've ever played UNO before, then you know how addicting it can be. You can now enjoy that same UNO [iTunes link] experience on your iPhone anywhere, which makes it much more addicting. Gameloft, creators of many other iPhone and iPod games, has really outdone itself on this game for the iPhone.

UNO gives you many different ways to play. When you press Quick Play, you are able to choose your difficulty level, and instantly begin playing against a computer player. Single player allows you to enter either Tournament mode, or Custom mode. In custom mode, you can choose the difficulty, game type, scoring type, penalties, draw type, force play, UNO 7-0, and jump in.

One of my most favorite parts of this game is the multiplayer abilities. There are three options: over Wi-Fi, on one device, or online. With Wi-Fi multiplayer, you can play someone with another iPhone on the same Wi-Fi access point -- you can either create or join an existing room. With one device multiplayer, you can have up to 4 people play on the same iPhone ... this is my least favored way to play UNO because others might catch a glimse of your cards (although cards are not shown until the specified player touches the screen). With online multiplayer, you can create and join a room for others around the world to play along with you.

I wish I could rotate the screen and use online multiplayer over EDGE or 3G. With that being said, UNO is an awesome application for on-the-go playing, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes to play card games. You can purchase UNO for iPhone/iPod touch from the iTunes App Store for $7.99.